What is Polarization in Sunglasses?

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Most of you may have heard about polarized sunglasses but may be unaware of polarization. Even more, while buying sunglasses most of the people have a question in their mind and that is, “do I literally need to buy polarized sunglasses”or not? Although these types of shades are far from any small investment, but these are worth to consider when it comes to buying the perfect eyewear which can protect your eyes in the best possible way. However, to give you more information about polarization in sunglasses or polarized lenses, you must read the following description. It is because this will surely help you to get a better understanding of the things in this regard.

What is polarization?

Light waves from any resource whether it is sun or an artificial light source radiate and vibrate outward in every direction. Whether the light is reflected, transmitted, refracted or scattered when the vibrations of the light will get aligned into various planes then it is said that the light is polarized. However, when it comes to polarization in sunglasses then you must know this is a chemical coating and are meant to reduce glare from multiple surfaces such as snow, glass, and water. Even more, polarized sunglasses contain a laminated filter which will allow only vertical oriented light rays to pass but will block the light rays to pass which are horizontal to eliminate glare.

Polarized filters are commonly made of a chemical which is applied to the glass surface or transparent plastic. When the chemical will be applied on the surface uniformly then this will create a microscopic filter on the surface of sunglasses which will absorb the light which is matching to their alignment in a proper way.

polarized sunglasses

Why it is better to use polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses can be found in various colors, styles, and shapes. These are perfect for eye protection. However, these shades contain some specific advantages which will let you understand their importance in a better way.

  • Most of the polarized sunglasses also come with the UV protection which will help you to keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays in the best possible way.
  • Polarized lenses contain multiple benefits on land and water. These are the perfect option to get for outdoor recreational activities. When you are outside then polarized sunglasses can reduce glare whether it is from the glass surface of other vehicles or water surface.
  • Polarized sunglasses can improve your visual comfort, contrast and visual clarity in the best possible way.
  • It will reduce eye strain and can allow you to experience the true perception of colors.

Although polarized shades are best to use for various reasons but still these contain some disadvantages too. Due to which these are not recommended the option to choose for everyone. Polarized sunglasses can sometimes interfere with visibility which can cause a problem for the user. However, when it comes to getting these sunglasses it is always better to have a look at its benefits and problems to make a better decision.

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