Ray Ban Sunglasses

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Ray-Ban sunglasses have been around since 1936. They are an American brand that was started by a company named Bausch & Lomb. The two most popular lines of sunglasses by Ray-Ban are the Aviator line and Wayfarer line. As the brand progressed over the years, they started offering eyeglasses in addition to their sunglasses.

The people who know sunglass brands the best are all familiar with Ray-Ban. They created some of the most iconic sunglasses of the 20th century and are continuing to create iconic sunglasses to this very day. You can find a wide variety of frames, materials, colors and styles for women and men. The brand has a pair of sunglasses to accommodate the look of just about anybody.

The Wayfarer line is known for its trapezoidal frame. It is a very distinct frame which you can recognize anywhere. Actor Corey Feldman has famously worn Wayfarer sunglasses to award shows and even in some of his movies. These sunglasses provide men with a more masculine and dangerous appearance. If you’re into the whole “bad boy” thing, then you should give the Wayfarers a try.

The Aviator line has been worn by many famous people, especially those in politics. You can look at General MacArthur from the 1940s wearing his Aviator sunglasses. Fast forward to the present day, and you have former Vice President Joe Biden wearing his Aviator sunglasses every chance he can get.

The Aviator line consists of dark, reflective lenses which are up to 3 times the size of a person’s eyes. This is supposed to stop most of the surrounding light from hitting the eyes. It has thin metal frames with a double bridge. They can make a man look cool, stylish and in-charge. They were originally meant to give eye protection to pilots so that the sunlight doesn’t bother their eyes. Then it became a popular fashion trend that has never gone away.

No matter which line of Ray-Ban that you decide to pick, you are bound to look like the most attractive person around. You can wear Ray-Ban sunglasses while you’re driving, walking, cycling, or doing anything else outside.

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